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Community Leads To Opportunity

I build communities in collaboration with leaders who support the people they love.

{My Core Values}


A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.


The state of being united or joined as a whole.


Focusing one’s awareness on the present moment.

{My Story}

Why am I a community builder?

Throughout my life, I have had a gift for bringing people together. Strangely, like so many of us, I shyed away from this natural talent to pursue other career endeavors. I continually convinced myself that my “calling” was something I had to create. After many years of business transitions and personal transformations I realized my purpose in life is building powerful, positive communities with conscious leaders — and this superpower is in the DNA of my mind, body, and spirit.

{My Community}

Why does collaboration mean so much to me?

I have failed multiple times at building communities. Every time a group of people (that I brought together) drifted apart I noticed a common theme — lack of my own personal commitment to them. It turned out, by positioning myself in consulting roles I sacrificed my ability to guide and motivate. I learned from these experiences that a community is only scalable and sustainable when those involved are unified by a collective purpose and spirit. This intention must be guided by listening to the needs of the community. Then those needs must be acted upon by leadership, to empower the collective.

{My Beliefs}

Why are core values so critical to me?

It has taken me years of meditation, reflection, and focus to connect with my purpose and universal operating system. I am grateful to have had many teachers who have introduced me to tools for exploring and identifying the source of what makes me who I am. As I learn more about accessing my inner voice, it becomes continually clear to me that everything I do (personally and professionally) centers around three core values; happiness, inter-being, and unity. Activation of these core values is critical for me to be involved in any long-term endeavor and my openness to others about these values makes it possible for clarity in communication and absolute synchronicity.

{My Truth}

Why do I share so openly with others?

Someone once asked me how I became successful and it shocked me that my immediate answer was a single word, “truth”. Years ago I made a commitment to address a huge negative influence in my life, alcoholism. At that moment the biggest truth in my life was that I was an alcoholic and I chose to relinquish the drug from my life, forever. Every day since then I have been more self-aware and able to clearly act on intuition. Truth allows us all to vulnerably align with each other so that we are able to build trust and lasting relationships. I am blessed that my supporters and loved ones made time to be truthful with me, in order to help me identify my capability to empower positive people and communities.

{My Vision}

Why does listenting matter?

Far too often I have heard statements like, “investors don’t care about social impact” and “gentrification just happens”. Unfortunately in my experience, statements like these are generally accepted without anyone consciously asking “why”. I believe we are all capable of being positive change agents when we make time to build relationships. In order to build relationships, it’s important that we make time to listen to the perspectives of others, and when we are deeply present with one another we are capable of fully appreciating the harmony and love we share. My vision is to collaborate with leaders, like you, to create supportive communities that epitomize a more harmonious and interconnected world.

{What’s Next?}

Want to build a community together?

Let’s first have a listening session! It will be a blessing to spend time with you, hear about your plan to positively impact the world and the people you are being called to unite. Whether you are still wondering how to begin your journey in community building or are ready to launch a community platform (physical or online), please connect with me on social media and send a DM (follow the social icons below).

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{My Experience}

{Old School Credentials}}

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