Why use Cooley Creative?


To achieve business and personal growth by empowering creative people and the businesses they lead.


We’ve developed a collaborative graphic design process that engages our clients in creative exploration. When we have collaborated to complete a visual brand with a client they have also been educated, through Live Design, so that they are fully capable of expanding their brand, easily, on their own.

Are you looking for a “creative concierge”?

You’d think someone would create such a thing…

A new design and branding system is at the core of Cooley Creative, and our uniqueness is in the experience we create. Our Live Design approach combines the direct access of in-house talent, the unfettered creativity of an independent artist, and the capabilities of an agency. This process gives organizations of all sizes a completely new alternative to agencies and freelancers. It’s built around the way clients want to work, and its integrity lies in one-on-one engagement between client and designer.   

A Process Built for A Unique Entrepreneur

Live Design leverages all the business, design, and project management insights I’ve gleaned over 10 years as a graphic designer. This unique common-sense process delivers custom creative brand identity, along with ongoing brand management and an entrepreneur-friendly experience. This blend is a perfect equation for an innovative, forward-thinking entrepreneur.  Are you ready?!

Let’s change the world together!