How much does it cost?

Talk about predictable pricing!

I instruct, educate, and build relationships with my clients because I believe empowerment is the key to being more efficient. Efficiency in the branding world means you will be engaged, pay an affordable rate, and be happier – with spectacular results!:)

With Cooley Creative LLC, your timeline, cost, and deliverables are all clear from the get-go. You simply pick from 3 comprehensive design packages, which differ only in their end deliverables. When you pick your package, you pick your fee. Your first 50% payment kicks off your project timeline, and the second installment secures delivery of your completed files.

Why doesn’t everyone do design this way?

Most agencies have employees and pay to keep them on staff – that’s totally cool for them, not so much for you.

What that means for you is, even if you don’t need an App developed; you’re paying for an App developer (just one example). Also, the more knowledge they keep from you and the tighter they lock the “doors”, the less you know and the more they can charge for their expertise. I totally understand and appreciate this business model — but it certainly doesn’t align with mine!

One of the main reasons I educate my clients is to add value, increase efficiency, and, in turn, make my process affordable!