How does the process work?

Same Process – A Few Options

Every project at Cooley Creative LLC is delivered through the same live design process. To fit your needs perfectly, you can choose from three comprehensive design plans. All are collaborative, transparent and engaging. Everyone who works with Cooley Creative, LLC, gets the unique opportunity to collaborate directly in the actual design and revision processes. The only differentiators between the packages are the number and variety of graphic deliverables.

Working Together LIVE

Once you’ve sent us your preliminary sketch, we jump on a screen share to explore your creative ideas. Your input is key to creating a brand you are proud of and confident in! From a few collaborative sessions, we develop a consistent, impactful, and professional brand identity. After you’ve completed the Cooley Creative identity design process, you’ll gain access to an array of à la carte services available only to those brands developed using this method. I will remain available to you for brand management and further collateral design throughout the life of your brand. Woo hoo! :)

The Most Predictable Design Timeline Ever

The project timeline is one of the most exciting parts of the Live Design branding process. Since we condense the phases of the design process into a transparent and efficient system, you never have to wonder about the timeline. Most identity design projects have a 4-week duration, and your precise timeline will be clearly laid out before you officially confirm your project.

Perks of the Cooley Creative, LLC timeline include…

  1. Full branding in 4-weeks – made easy by eliminating back-and-forth processes.

  2. You decide when the timeline starts.

  3. If you need to “pause” for any reason, that’s ok. (Since a clear structure is in place, we can get revved back up from the exact point we left off.)

  4. No confusion – the timeline is so clear, you’ll never feel like you’re waiting.

  5. No anxiety – since the steps are easy to follow, you can relax and be confident in the process.

You decide when the timeline starts.

Carrying out the process is our job. You’re just responsible for collecting and providing the preliminary content that makes up "Step 1: Your Sketch." If you need help putting this material together, we can walk you through the process once you’ve committed to a package. If you decide to compile "Step 1: Your Sketch" on your own, the resources and tutorials available at will make your job a lot easier.

Test the Connection

Even though the Live Design process is a huge part of Cooley Creative LLC’s uniqueness, the real magic happens inside the collaborative design sessions. The only way to experience that creative synergy is to connect on a Skype or phone call. If you’re ready to test the fit, request a proposal. In a day or two, you’ll get the call and find out for sure if Live Design is right for you.