How is Cooley Creative unique?

Can you feel the difference yet?

Cooley Creative LLC is built with the mentality that PEOPLE come first. All of the processes that make this company unique are designed because I heard countless people complain about a lack of efficiency, lack of involvement, and lack of education when hiring a typical design agency or unexperienced freelancer.

I listened to those entrepreneurs and created a process that is efficient, involved, and educational. This way, YOU get a professional brand AND the confidence to go out and use it, POWERFULLY and PROUDLY!

Access & Transparency

Beyond being engaging, fun, and exciting, the Live Design process tears down the walls between business owner and brand. You have direct access to me and my process, so there’s no mystery. (Or if there is, you’re in on it!) Half the benefit of working with a professional designer is the access you gain to his or her expertise. When you’re my client, all you have to do is pick up the phone. I’ll be a hyper-creative extension of your organization. As someone who’s invested in the success of your brand, I’m happy to contribute in any way that helps your business.

Experience design differently. If Live Design sounds like the answer you’ve been searching for, take the first step. Request a detailed proposal now.